About Us

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WenMark is a Colorado consulting firm based in Colorado Springs. We began
operations in 1992, incorporated in 1997, and relocated to Colorado in 2006. Our
commitment is to help businesses start and thrive by providing the professional
services that supplement the skillsets of the business owner.

WenMark provides services in the areas of:

  • Business Creation and Development,
  • Marketing,
  • Technology,
  • Process Design and Improvement, and
  • Project Management.

Our team fulfills the following functions for your organization:

Business Creation and Development Services:

WenMark’s Business Creation and Development Services might be right for you
if you fit into any of these categories:

  • You’d like to start a business but don’t know what type is right for you.
  • You have an idea of what kind of business you want, but need help clarifying your business scope and carving out your unique niche.
  • You have already started operating your business, but you’re not earning enough income.
  • You would like to increase the size or scope of your business, but you don’t know how…or in what direction to proceed.
  • You’d like to create new products or services...but don’t know what–or how.
  • Your business isn’t making the grade, and you want to revamp it.

WenMark’s Business Creation and Development Services Include:

♦ Business Concept Creation
♦ Business Planning, from Concept through Operations
♦ Marketers
♦ Technology/Website Providers
♦ Project/Program Managers
♦ Process Optimizers
♦ Writers, Editors, Designers
♦ Strategic Planners & Innovators
♦ Concept/Product Creators & Developers
♦ Sales, Ad, & Promo Program Creators
♦ Trainers, Coaches, & Facilitators
♦ Pre-press/Print/Publishing Consultants
♦ Values-based Marketing
♦ Mission Statement Creation and Development
♦ Business Model (i.e., Income Sources) Strategy, Creation, Development,and Updating
♦ Determination of your Business Footprint
♦ Business Plans
♦ Funding Options Evaluation
♦ Phased-in Operations to Earn-As-You-Go

Marketing Services:

WenMark’s Marketing Services Include:

♦ Marketing Strategy
♦ Tying Marketing Strategy to Your Business Plan
♦ One-on-one Marketing Training and Coaching for Entrepreneurs
♦ Marketing 101 Seminar for Key Management Staff
♦ Product Creation and Development
♦ Assisting Your R&D Staff with Product Creation and Development
♦ Website Services (including Creation, Development, Content, Community, Partnerships, and Traffic)
♦ Channel Optimization
♦ Corporate Identity and Branding Programs
♦ Logo Creation/Development, using our proven 5  2  1 honing process
♦ Strategic Partnership Creation and Development
♦ Community Building
♦ Advertising Programs
♦ Public Relations Programs
♦ Newsletters (print and e-letters)
♦ Written Arts (writing in all genres, music composition, songs, jingles, etc.)
♦ Publishing, including print and web publishing (annual reports, books, industry bibles, manuals, white papers, e-books, etc.)
♦ Print Materials Design and Production, including Pre-press (e.g., Stationery, Packaging, Flyers, Postcards, Ads, Brochures, Posters, Menus, Signs, Book Covers, Business Cards, Forms, etc.)
♦ Visual Arts, including design, photography, etc.
♦ Spoken Arts, including teaching, training, facilitating, field sales mentoring, presentation mentoring, speeches, etc.
♦ Sales, including:

♦ Recruitment
♦ Sales Training and Preparation of Training Materials and Manuals
♦ Design of Incentive Program
♦ Sales Promotion Programs and Materials
♦ Customer Loyalty Programs

♦ Ongoing high-level marketing strategy and planning, designed to be maintained by lower-level staff to reduce your costs
♦ Management of your marketing function, as outsourced to us (for small to mid-sized companies)

Technology Services:

WenMark’s Technology Services Include:

♦ Information Technology (integration of technology with business goals)
♦ Technology Strategy
♦ Technology Project Management
♦ Systems and Network Management
♦ Interim or Short-term Direction of Departments, Divisions, or Enterprise
♦ Recruiting and Interviewing to fill tech vacancies or new positions
♦ Pre-press Set-up and Repair
♦ Website Building Technologies:
♦ Strategy
♦ Planning
♦ Design
♦ Creation
♦ Website Programming/Development, including database architecture:

We build websites that can do any or all of the following.

• Convey your company’s history, mission, goals
• Present, or even strengthen, your brand
• Reflect your business and marketing growth plans
• Describe the unique benefits of doing business with your company
• Define your existing services
• Create new products and services that you can market
• Introduce customers to your staff, so people feel comfortable with your team when they meet them
• Contain content people want to read:
• Information your buyers may want to know—and may search for online
• Information your suppliers, representatives, staff, distributors, wholesalers, and/or partners may want to know
• Interviews of experts in your industry that we conduct and post on your website
• Assorted content from a network of providers we create as a source for articles and columns
• Editorials that share your positions or values
• Disclaimers and site policies
• An archive of information, past articles, and newsletters
• Develop editorial guidelines that encourage professionals in your field to submit articles
• Create editorial calendars to make it easier to sell advertising
• Present a catalog of your products and/or services
• Accept online payment for product and service purchases
• Take buyers to secure servers to make online payments
• Enable people to register for your site so they can be notified of products, services, events, and information of interest to them
• Enable buyers to set appointments, make reservations, or request quotes or proposals
• Enable site visitors to request specific information on products,
services, selling locations, availability, repairs, returns, advertising, partnerships, etc.
• Enable you to remarket products and services from other companies for a commission or referral fee
• Establish and maintain a database of your clients, along with their mailing and email addresses, so you can send out promotional emails or newsletters to site registrants or select
prospects who meet specific criteria for print mailings
• Create and distribute newsletters to all or part of your email list
• Be searched for specific information
• Create a cutting-edge feel through multimedia applications
• Offer online courses, quizzes, or questionnaires using interactive web applications
• Create and develop community (forums, chatrooms, facilitated and/or moderated chatrooms, surveys, bulletin boards, etc.) to bond your customers to your company
• Drive traffic to your website:
• SEO Recommendations and Search Engine Submissions
• Reciprocal Link Programs
• Thread Blogging Programs to bring traffic back to your site
• Email Marketing Programs
• Banner Ad Programs
• Affiliate Programs

♦ Website Administration
♦ Technology Evaluation and Maintenance/Support, other than websites (available for small and mid-sized Front Range businesses).

During our time serving your company, our personnel will perform the following.

♦ Evaluate your needs and make recommendations
♦ Fix any computer-related problems
♦ Install any appropriate upgrades (hardware upgrades, software upgrades, patches)
♦ Download and apply applicable software updates
♦ Perform or automatically schedule virus/spyware scans, as well as warning your company about new virus threats
♦ Review your system security; and make recommendations regarding firewalls, encryption, permissions, anti-hacking measures, virus and spyware protection, Internet access controls, virtual private networks, disaster and business recovery plans, etc.
♦ Run and/or verify your back-ups
♦ Provide off-site back-up storage, if desired
♦ Wire and install any new equipment
♦ Configure any new computers
♦ Research, and make recommendations regarding, the best equipment and equipment suppliers to meet your company’s needs
♦ Maximize system and network performance so that your systems operate at their appropriate speed and optimum reliability.

Process Design and Improvement Services:

The majority of recurrent problems in a business environment are attributable
to processes, rather than to people. Our services in this area are designed to review
your existing processes and make recommendations for changes that can revamp an
existing process so that it is:

♦ More time efficient
♦ More cost efficient
♦ More resilient to human error
♦ More easily duplicatable
♦ Easier for trainers to teach
♦ Easier for personnel to learn
♦ Observable by management, so you can avoid or correct any problems that may crop up
♦ Able to conform to exceptions and requirements that may exist during certain events or periods of time
♦ User friendly
♦ Able to provide results that are satisfactory to process beneficiaries

WenMark’s Process Design and Improvement Services include:

♦ Process Design
♦ Observation and Review of Existing Processes
♦ Interviews of People Involved in Existing Processes
♦ Process Evaluation and Recommendations
♦ Process Re-engineering
♦ Documentation of Processes, Individual Procedures, and Hand-offs
♦ Gaining Buy-in (among personnel) for Process Change

Project Management Services:

WenMark’s Project and Program Services include:

♦ Project or Program Strategy
♦ Project or Program Planning
♦ Project or Program Development
♦ Task Design, Task Roles/Responsibilities, and Estimated Time to Complete
♦ Establishment of Measurements and Milestones
♦ Development of Work Flow Charts
♦ Development of Project/Program Roles and Responsibilities
♦ Recruiting and Interviewing of Role Candidates
♦ Project Management
♦ Start-up or Interim Management